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Yoga & Meditation for the Active Mind w/Exhale Studios


Build strength, balance and confidence by practicing the art of mindful movement. This class is designed help you master your mind and body so you’ll be better prepared when life throws you challenges.

What to expect: We will begin each session with a moment of silence and will move into a gentle breath work and a warm of the spine. Mobility will increase along with mental and physical challenges you to reclaim your breath and notice your heart rate. This practice empowers you with the essential skill to steady your breath and calm your mind even in the face of difficulty. Physical and mental challenges will be presented so you can leave feeling liberated and having a sense of inner strength, resilience and tranquility. The session will end with the practice of loving kindness meditation and gratitude.

You are encouraged to bring a journal if you would like to document your observations and discovery with your practice. Come exactly as you are – there is no competition, only loving acceptance and an opportunity to grow from within.

What to bring: Yoga Mat, Water Bottle & Small Hand Towel

Class led by Exhale Studios