Sweat in Style Fab & Fit© Fashion Show

Sweat in Style Fab & Fit© Fashion Show

Fab & Fit© Nominated 2015 Best of Loudoun Pop Up Boutique

Sporty, trendsetting, super cool, fashion-forward fitness apparel and activewear for women. Fab & Fit captures the essence of casual dress and an active lifestyle. The concept of fashion-forward fitness apparel that takes you “from your workout to the world Fab & Fit.”© Apparel that is appropriate for all formats in fitness, colorful prints that can also be worn with jeans or casual dress. Comfortable, trendy, and great for travel.

Located in Leesburg, Virginia (Loudoun County) offering merchandise from several manufacturers of fitness and activewear. Our company thrives on the ability to provide awesome customer support, events, and services; private and group appointments, as well as a hostess rewards program with up to 50% in discounts when you host a Fab & Fit trunk show or event!

We also offer 15-20% off discounts for Professionals in the industry of health, wellness, and fitness (dance instructors, fitness instructors, personal trainers, health club managers, directors……and more).

To book your trunk shows or appointments we are a phone call, email, text message away and would love to hear from you!
“Be “FABULOUS……exercices your beauty and sweat in style

Exercise Your Beauty Sweat in Style Fab & Fit Valerie P. Konur, Owner.

Our mission is to promote, support, and encourage living with passion, commitment, confidence, & FABULOUSNESS.©

June 1 @ 11:30 AM

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